Song Title Primary Artist Featured Artists Debut Week Weeks On Debut Position Peak Position
Give It To Me Dot Dot Curve Rob Valentine 2 4 13 9
#IBF Dropping A Popped Locket JJ Demon, Dot Dot Curve, Se7en 3 21 6 1 (4 weeks)
KILL EM @LL Se7en Dot Dot Curve 3 1 13 13
Mad As A Hatter Dot Dot Curve -- 6 1 11 11
ICED OUT GUNDAM Dot Dot Curve -- 13 10 11 3

Artist AwardsEdit

Dot Dot Curve was named the #4 most successful scene artist of 2014.

Top Scene Music: Best of 2014Edit

Song Title Position
#IBF 4
Give It To Me 15
The Freakin' Weekin Shots 29

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