Song Title Primary Artist Featured Artists Debut Week Weeks On Debut Position Peak Position
2 Days 3 Nights JJ Demon Dropping A Popped Locket 2 6 11 7
#IBF Dropping A Popped Locket JJ Demon, Dot Dot Curve, Se7en 3 21 6 1 (4 weeks)
Orphan/Purple Crows/ 5n4pp!n9 7ur713 Dropping A Popped Locket -- 17 6 12 11

Artist AwardsEdit

Dropping A Popped Locket was named the #6 most successful scene artist of 2014. #IBF holds the record for most weeks in the top 5, at 13 weeks. It is also tied with M4ster Of Death's All Hallows' Eve for longest time in the top 13.

Top Scene Music: Best of 2014Edit

The following by Dropping A Popped Locket were listed among the 50 best scene songs of 2014:

Song Title Position
#IBF 4
2 Days 3 Nights 12

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