System X is a pseudonym of Matt Anderson, a crunkcore artist who also does work in other genres under the name StitchMeShut.


Song Title Primary Artist Featured Artists Debut Week Weeks On Debut Position Peak Position
Star Struck System X -- 1* 7 7* 2
Remember The Name (Remix) System X Jymee Casual 8 1 13 13
This Means War System X -- 18 2 12 12
Savage System X -- 24 ** 13 8

Artist AwardsEdit

System X was named the #8 most successful scene artist of 2014.

Top Scene Music: Best of 2014Edit

The following by System X were listed as among the 50 best scene songs of 2014:

Song Title Position
Star Struck 10
Remember The Name (Remix) 43

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